I know for gnome session the command looks something like this: gnome-session-quit

What is the equivalent for an Lxqt (Ubuntu with Lxqt and openbox WM) desktop session ?

  • I don't use LXQt, but do the answer below works for you ? – Jim Mar 11 at 5:00
  • @Emmet , just tested and yeah seems to be working. So when you hit that lxqt-leave , a menu pops up with option to logout , shutdown,reboot and all that stuff. So it's pretty cool for someone like me who is too lethargic to bring up the menu.lol – Just Khaithang Mar 11 at 8:07
  • Do you want the command that logs you out, straight to login menu ? – Jim Mar 11 at 10:14
  • @Emmet yeah, if you know it. – Just Khaithang Mar 11 at 14:43

There are several binaries you can download to control different settings in LXQt:


deals with interrupting or terminating sessions. It comes with several options expressing the action they trigger, e. g.



This binary is launched right at the beginning of LXQt sessions and in turn is responsible for launching and monitoring all other components constituting the sessions.


is another binary which will give you the "Configuration Center" which is a GUI that has several options to choose from that allow you to control the appearance as well as other configurations. One of them being



can be adjusted from section "Basic Settings" in configuration dialogue LXQt Session Settings of lxqt-session.


which is used to customize shortcuts can be opened from the panel's main menu - Preferences - LXQt Settings - Shortcut Keys and is provided by the Configuration Center of lxqt-config as well.

All this info and more can be found at the LXQt GitHub page or their official web-page:

  • That works!. Now since you have already mentioned about the lxqt-config-globalshortcuts , I wonder if could help with this short cut issue I am trying to figure. In Ubuntu (unity) the terminal emulator could be moved /positioned with few shortcut combo keys for e.g. ctrl+super+arrow sets the terminal left/right/minimise/maximize. How's that done in Lxqt ? – Just Khaithang Mar 11 at 8:06

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