I am currently facing a slight problem with Lubuntu.

When I open a new window, it is placed on the top left. I find this annoying because I moved my panel to the top, and therefore the window border looks the same as the panel.

How do I make it launch on the center?


Open the configuration file with text editor, I'll use leafpad as it was the default editor.

leafpad $HOME/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

Scroll to the last line, search for </applications> tag, located before. Once you found it, paste following to line before </applications> tag:

<application type="normal">

Finally, apply new configuration by reconfiguring openbox:

openbox --reconfigure

Try opening program, notice now they now pop up on the center of screen.

  • it's working, thanks man – Ridgwell J. Mar 9 at 16:58

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