I've been scouring the internet for a solution, but I have a shell script I want to run that works fine from the cli but not from cron.

This works from my prompt: sh ~/Applications/scripts/script.sh

crontab entry:

* * * * * /home/user/Applications/scripts/script.sh

script looks as follows:

/usr/local/bin/myapp update &> /home/user/myapp_sh_update_stdout.log
/usr/local/bin/myapp run &> /home/user/myapp_sh_run_stdout.log

Thoughts? Experiments with other answers are no good for me, so I am going specific to see what I could do differently. Running it every minute to debug, but it will be run at a morning hour on one day of the week when confirmed working.

  • You need user there. * * * * * root /home/user/Applications/scripts/script.sh – Pilot6 Mar 9 at 16:35
  • @Pilot6 just to be clear, that's only the case for the system-wide /etc/crontab – steeldriver Mar 9 at 16:39

&> is a bashism - either change the shebang to #!/bin/bash or change the redirections to

/usr/local/bin/myapp update > /home/user/myapp_sh_update_stdout.log  2>&1
/usr/local/bin/myapp run > /home/user/myapp_sh_run_stdout.log 2>&1

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