I am trying to install Tisean package.

What I did till now:

  1. I extracted all downloaded files to "Tisean" folder on my Deskopt(Pulpit).

  2. ./configure, everything seems ok:

./configure screenshot

  1. Then "make" command, I am not sure if everything is fine here:

make screenshot

  1. Last, "make install". I get error: "the following programs could not be made/installed". Maybe the problem is main folder "Tisean" is on Deskopt(Pulpit), while all the scripts are installed to "jakub/home/bin"?

make install first screenshot

make install second screenshot

make install third screenshot

I am awaiting you kind replies. regards

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    sudo make install should give you the needed rights to install the software. – Soren A Mar 5 at 22:41
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    @SorenA I really doubt that is the issue here - as far as I can make out from the screenshots (grrr!) the install prefix appears to be set to the user's home dir (so adding sudo is likely to cause problems rather than solve them) – steeldriver Mar 5 at 22:59
  • I tried sudo make install, but the effect is the same.... – JSZ124 Mar 6 at 22:49

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