Why won’t my desktop boot up on bootable Ubuntu USB thumb drive? I changed BIOS to boot USB first. Lenovo with AMD Ath. X2 32 bit win10; ATI Radion 3000. I think it reads it but it doesn’t boot on USB drive. It beeps then loads into Windows 10. I’m wanting to install dual boot. I have the: xubuntu-16.04-desktop-i386.iso Used Rufus-3.4.exe to create USB bootable

USB checks out ok. How do I test .iso file is corrupt ?

  • Have you checked the downloaded ISO file was not corrupt or incomplete? Have you checked that the USB drive does not have any bad sectors or otherwise bad? Please edit your question and answer these questions in your original question. – user68186 Mar 5 at 19:56
  • Check MD5SUM of iso file: support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/889768/… – C.S.Cameron Mar 8 at 12:56

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