Lubuntu 18.04, default desktop configuration.

I turn the swap off and begin a RAM stress test.

When I allocate too much RAM, the system starts to read or write something constantly, completely freezes and requires a hard reset.

What exactly is happening? What data it reads or writes, and why does it freeze it completely?

I understand the system may freeze when it runs out of memory, the question is why my hard drive is so busy? Does it drops/re-reads the disk cache? Ext nodes? Something else?

  • No matter how I allocate RAM. It can even be a memory-hungry application (with a single exception: a lua script which does not freeze the system, but simply repots a memory allocation error). All other tests lead to either OOM killer (which is obviously OK) or this mysterious freeze. I'm not asking how to prevent it. The question is, why this freeze always(!) make my HDD gallop. It either does not happen at all (OOM killer works instead) or, if it happens, it's never silent. My hard drive works like crazy. Why? There are no swap on this drive, so why it goes gallop? – NickDoom Mar 4 at 19:27
  • The question makes more sense after the edit. I am retracting the close vote. – user68186 Mar 4 at 19:30
  • Language barrier, sorry ^__^ – NickDoom Mar 4 at 19:31

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