I just want to know if there's any way to know if the ISO I installed was compromised. Is there any way I could tell by looking for it in Ubuntu right now? If so, how and what should I do?

Also, may I ask if the usb I used to install the ISO in, will the usb and ISO be reinfected or not when I use "compromised" OS to make a live USB with it? Or will it not be affected?

I didn't check the hash of the ISO and I'm thinking the ISO and OS is compromised seeing that I left it alone and it was unlocked.

That ISO that I used to install Ubuntu was erased on my usb so I have no way of checking its hash. Only I can check the newly downloaded one.

  • You can check the md5sum: Run the command md5sum filename.iso and compare to the value that you can find via this link. The Ubuntu iso files contain the read-only file system iso9660, and it is very unlikely that it will be infected, when it is in your computer. – sudodus Mar 4 at 7:55
  • Forgot to mention that the ISO I used was erased, included it in the original question. – Godfrey Mar 4 at 8:00
  • Well, obviously, you cannot check what you erased, but you can check the newly downloaded iso file. If you download from the official Ubuntu web site, I think the weak link in the chain is the file transfer via the internet. There may be file transfer errors, and they will be found, if you check with md5sum. – sudodus Mar 4 at 8:04
  • So the download and its data is one of the sign the system is compromised? Is there more? – Godfrey Mar 4 at 8:07
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