After upgrading 16.04.latest to 18.04.2 the drive names were shifted, as noted in the title.
I have 3 HDDS and I have no problems with mounting, because all I need were mounted via UUID and LABEL, but such shifting made the Sensors applet "upset":

Wrong readings in Sensors applet. Writings are in Russian

As you can see, it shows only 3 HDDs, but [a-c] only, no signs of "d", and "a" is absent, while hddtemp works nice:

$ hddtemp /dev/sdd
/dev/sdd: WDC WD5000AAKX-083CA1: 33°C

Of course, I did not connected drives to another ports, neither played with BIOS settings. When I connecting USB-thumbdrive(s), first one becomes /dev/sda, which irritate me. More, the xfce4-sensors shows the correct current disk names (right window):

Lesft: sensors applet, right: xfce4-sensors

So, the Q is: how to restore HDDs naming order, or how to "tickle" the Sensors applet's setting to make it show current disks names?

Thank you.

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