I want to set up a DNS and DHCP server to bypass the loopback restriction of my internet provider. I wanted to install Dnsmasq but can't install It because of conflicts with Dnsmasq-base. So my questions are :

  • What are the differences between Dnsmasq and Dnsmasq-base?

  • Can we set up what I want with Dnsmasq-base?

  • If yes, how? If no, what are the alternatives?

  1. Difference
    dnsmasq package require dnsmasq-base package as dependecy
    See packages details for dnsmasq and dnsmasq-base
    If your Ubuntu setup has some package conflicts, see how to resolve it:

  2. Feature dns and dhcp
    Of course yes, dnsmasq is made that for

  3. How to...
    Simply as docs describe it :)
    You asked quite same question earlier, some answers where posted.
    See those too:
    Configuring DHCP-Server using dnsmasq
    home server DNS with dnsmasq
    How to Add dnsmasq and keep systemd-resolved (18.04)

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  • Yes thank you I know I have posted a quite same question before. However, any answer solved my problem ; I am still unable to install Dnsmasq I don't know why. So I can't apply any Tuto from the links I received... – Jungack Mar 1 '19 at 10:41
  • You should try this at first : help.ubuntu.com/community/… – cmak.fr Mar 1 '19 at 15:47

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