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Simplest Debian Packaging Guide?

I'm writing an IDE in C++ using Qt for the GUI and Qt Creator as an IDE. I have seen many tutorials about the Debian packaging system but I am still not sure I get it.

My program is not ready yet so I don't want to submit it to developer.ubuntu.com for someone to package it, but I want to do it to easily distribute a few copies.

I use Git for VCS and my code is hosted at Github.

I want to know if I should be keeping my code directory in a / related structure. Like: /usr/bin for the binaries and so on. This is for making the packaging process as easy as it can be. Do I need to modify the Makefile to put the binaries in /usr/bin or something like that? I do not have much experience with gnu make.

Is it a problem to host my code at Github? because I prefer it to launchpad and algo prefer Git to bazaar.

Also, can someone explain how to do the packaging process?

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No, your source code doesn't need to match the installed layout. However the build system (Make / whatever you use) should install everything that's needed. And if a DESTDIR variable is provided, it should prefix that to the installation paths.

No, it's not a problem to host on github. If you want daily builds, you'll need to set up an automatic import into bzr on Launchpad, though.

If you're going through developer.ubuntu.com you don't need to worry about the packaging. They'll take care of it.

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