I am just getting started with using Ubuntu Landscape. The plan is to use the quickstart version to gain experience with managing Ubuntu servers, 16 and 18, and to also create an on-site repository to limit traffic over the Internet from each asset.

We are currently using Landscape On Premise release 19.01.

I am going to list the steps I believe are to be correct for our Ubuntu 18, bionic, servers.

landscape-api create-distribution ubuntu

landscape-api create-series --pockets release,security,updates --components main,extras,restricted --architectures i386,amd64 --gpg-key secret-key --mirror-uri http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ --mirror-series bionic bionic ubuntu

landscape-api sync-mirror-pocket release bionic ubuntu landscape-api sync-mirror-pocket security bionic ubuntu landscape-api sync-mirror-pocket updates bionic ubuntu

What else do I need to do after these commands? What needs to be corrected?

Very respectfully,



The issue was very much related to firewall rules. It seems that onedrive was a flagged security application.


Creating distribution, uploading a signing key, creating the series and syncing; that is pretty much it.

After that, it's a matter of waiting for the sync activity to complete, then configuring your machines to use the mirror. That can be done manually on each machine (by pointing to your Landscape server in /etc/apt/sources.list), or through landscape by assigning repository profiles to computers.

All of this is documented in the user guide: https://docs.ubuntu.com/landscape/en/repositories

  • Okay, I will start with these steps and report back my results. – James Krych Mar 1 at 15:24
  • Okay, my first two attempts to sync failed with the following: Could not find 'extras/binary-i386/Packages' within './lists/update-bionic_bionic_InRelease' There have been errors! Could not find 'extras/binary-i386/Packages' within './lists/update-bionic-security_bionic-security_InRelease' There have been errors! – James Krych Mar 1 at 15:59
  • I deleted the series and then re-added it. So far, it looks like it is going slow. – James Krych Mar 1 at 16:34
  • Well...It was going well until it died at 99%. Error message from Landscape: Calculating packages to get... Getting packages... Got 1%: 1G 14M bytes Got 2%: 1G 997M bytes Got 3%: 3G 258M bytes Got 4%: 3G 968M bytes Got 5%: 5G 419M bytes Got 6%: 5G 935M bytes Got 7%: 6G 919M bytes Got 8%: 8G 161M bytes . . . Got 48%: 47G 288M bytes aptmethod error receiving 'archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/o/onedrive/…': '401 Access Denied [IP: 80]' Got 49%: 48G 299M bytes Got 50%: 49G 261M bytes – James Krych Mar 4 at 5:19
  • Continuing on Got 86%: 84G 725M bytes aptmethod error receiving 'archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/o/onedrive/…': '401 Access Denied [IP: 80]' Got 87%: 85G 779M bytes . . . Got 94%: 92G 609M bytes Got 95%: 93G 660M bytes Got 96%: 94G 598M bytes Got 97%: 95G 556M bytes Got 98%: 96G 540M bytes Got 99%: 97G 524M bytes 90544 files were added but not used. The next deleteunreferenced call will delete them. There have been errors! – James Krych Mar 4 at 5:23

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