My lab is the following:

my lab:

1 IBM System 3540 M4 Maas (500GB HDD - 8GB RAM - 1 Nic)
1 IBM System 3540 M4 Juju (500GB HDD - 8GB RAM -1 Nic)
4 IBM System 3540 M4 Openstack (500GBx2 HDD - 16GB RAM - 2 Nic)
1 Palo Alto Network Firewall

IP plan:

Public Network:
Private Network:

Private Network
Instance: - (floating)

I have setup my private cloud deploying Openstack via Juju and I've used as bundle the LXD version:


All tasks are completed teminated and the first configuration is right, but when I try to create an instance the issue is the following:

enter image description here

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