I have an external hard drive (Seagate Free Agent) that I normally download files to.

I have a dual boot Ubuntu 11.10 along with Windows 7-64 bit.

I can read all of my files in my external HD perfectly, but when I attempt to do a download of a file to this drive, I get an "unable to write because of read only" disk error. When I attempt to change the permissions of the disk through the "Properties" bar, I still get an error that I don't have the proper permissions to change permissions.

I have heard of "mounting" the disk, but I am afraid of mistakenly reformatting and destroying all the data that I have currently on that drive. How best should I safely change the permissions on that drive so that I can write and download files to the drive??

The drive is listed under /dev/sdc1.


I found the answer to my issue by opening a terminal and

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

Worked for me and restored my access to my USB stick.


type this on a terminal

gksu nautilus

¡¡¡WARNING!! be very cautious with this command its like super-god command.

it will open nautilus file manager, then go to the HDD and right click on the permissions tab and change the permissions; once done type


on the terminal and or close nautilus; remember to this ¡please!.

another thing that may help is to install this

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

and then reboot your machine.

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    Typing exit in the Terminal won't do anything while Nautilus is still running. – Eliah Kagan May 26 '12 at 18:45

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