Ubuntu 18.04.2, Canon Pixma TS6220. Scans of ~ letter size docs/pics are OK. After preview of 4" x 6", and after adjusting width and height of the scan area, and selecting scan, the scanner still traverses the whole platen. I don't think it did that with my previous all-in-one (HP).

  • I'm not clear on how exactly this relates to Ubuntu particularly and not general computer usage... would you please edit to show a bit more what you've tried and why it's particularly a Ubuntu problem? Thanks! – anonymous2 Feb 28 at 0:52
  • Me neither. Seems I'm never clear where the boundaries are for computer related issues. If my question could not possibly be related to Ubuntu, I will take it elsewhere. Thought I would start with the OS, then go out to peripherals. – A4Skyhawk Feb 28 at 1:27

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