I have Ubuntu 16.04 on my acer computer and I'd like to change the boot order but I forgot the password....I want to boot my USB Drive first (with windows).
I found some topics about that but when I type 'efibootmgr' in a terminal, I get this :efibootmgr: EFI variables are not supported on this system.

Can you help me please ?

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    Simple answer: you can't. – Pilot6 Feb 27 at 17:44
  • The error message may be caused by booting the USB in legacy mode instead of UEFI mode. How it boots -- legacy/UEFI is set in the UEFI settings/BIOS... – ubfan1 Feb 27 at 19:32
  • Do you have access to your bootloader? – Ama Aje My Fren Feb 27 at 19:33
  • I don't know what is exactly a bootloader, but I have access to grub – Ubun2 Feb 28 at 11:24

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