Can I get rid of the prompt that Gimp gives when you want to exit without saving?

enter image description here


This is meant to protect yourself. In pre-2.8 versions, you could do a lot of editing involving creating layers, selections and paths, "save" as JPG/PNG, and then exit without getting a prompt and oops... all the editing has to be redone from scratch. I have seen grown men cry :) which is why Gimp now distinguishes "save" and "export" and will warn you if the image hasn't been "saved".

Of course you can train your fingers to Ctrl-Q+Ctrl-D. But someday you'll cry...

  • That's logical. – fixit7 Feb 26 at 16:59
  • This doesn't answer the question: how do I turn off the prompt? All this does is tell you why you shouldn't. – Lelanthran Nov 10 at 15:10

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