For example, if I have a TV show series with files for episodes S01E01 through S01E10, I'd like to be able to see what I have watched, what I have not watched, and for anything partially watched be able to see how many minutes / seconds of progress and start watching the video again from that position.

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    Which Ubuntu release are you running?
    – Mitch
    Feb 25 '19 at 6:14
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    vlc has a recently-used list showing what you've watched, and when you select one offers to 'resume where you left off'. It's available for all supported releases of Ubuntu.
    – guiverc
    Feb 25 '19 at 6:16
  • @Mitch Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    – jason120
    Feb 25 '19 at 6:32
  • you can use the bookmark feature of vlc - or go give a try to kodi for more featured user experience
    – cmak.fr
    Feb 25 '19 at 8:15

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