I have created a ansible code to create users and add respective ssh keys which is working successfully. But when trying to server access, it is asking for password.

Server is or localhost

Ansible Script

    - include_vars: users.yml
    - name: Create user
        name: "{{item.username}}"
      with_items: "{{ users }}"

    - name: Adding SSH key
        user: "{{ item.username }}"
        key: "{{ lookup ('file', 'keys/'+ item.username + '.key.pub') }}"
      with_items: "{{ users }}"

I am trying to connect through three ways :

1. ssh user@localhost - Asking for password
2. ssh -vvv user@localhost - Asking for password
3. ssh-copy-id user@localhost - Asking for password

If I go to ssh config file at set ask password flag to no than running anisble script next is giving permission issue which is valid case as that time public key for user will not be configured.

The solution which I am looking is once ssh key is set for user through ansible script, he must be able to login without password using ssh key.

NOTE :- The server is localhost/127.0.01 not any remote server.

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