I have connected a projector by VGA and I wonder why the maximum resolution available in Settings >> Devices >> Displays is just 1024x768 albeit it's a 1080p device. The label shows 'Unknown device' for the projector and just two additional 4:3 resolutions are available. Perhaps need for a driver? It's an Epson EH-TW3200, I'd like to know the general setting procedure when connecting to any device, though.

Graphics: Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller, Ubuntu 18.04.

Note/Edit: As stated, my question concerns the projector as a second device. I don't want to change the resolution of my main device. Under settings my main device is labeled as "Built-in display" and shows a bunch of possible resolutions to choose. The projector, however, seems to show up as "Unknown display" with only three resolutions which are too low. This question doesn't provide sufficient information how to address the second display, since it's "unknown".


The VGA problem miraculously solved itself after I plugged in a DisplayPort connector.

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