I have checked many posts related to OpenVPN issue but seems like I'm not able to put up proper search words to find a solution.

I have OpenVPN configuration using which I have setup VPN connection and manage to connect to VPN as I see a popup with message VPN connection has been successfully established. on both Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 machines.

On both Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 machines, I can access non VPN specific websites (gmail, stackoverflow) when connected to VPN (so assume it is not something related to Internet connectivity), but I cannot access VPN specific resources i.e. web-portal and database on Ubuntu 16.04 which I can, on Ubuntu 14.04.

Checking other posts related to issue on Ubuntu 16.04, i checked

ip route

and found that there are two default shown on Ubuntu 16.04

default via dev tun0  proto static  metric 50 
default via dev wlp6s0  proto static  metric 600

As per other post's advice, I checked Use this connection only for resources on it network under IPV4 settings->routes on Ubuntu 16.04.

After the above settings and connecting to VPN, when I do IP route on Ubuntu 16.04 i see

default via dev wlp6s0  proto static  metric 600

I see my WiFi is marked as default connection instead of VPN connection (I assume VPN should be default route, as per IP route output on Ubuntu 14.04 machine.)

Ubuntu 14.04 ip route shows

default via dev tun0  proto static
  • There's no need to redact private network addresses in general. Please write your real IPs, as this is crucial information in this case to determine why it does not work. – vidarlo Feb 21 at 6:54
  • @vidarlo added real IPs – Rajen Raiyarela Feb 21 at 7:29

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