I'd like to use Konqueror because I found a comparison between different file managers that stated that Konqueror one of the most customizable file managers. However, in my case the configuration or extensions modal is almost empty. When I start Konqueror using the CLI, I see these error messages:

org.kde.konqueror: Unable to load the "File Management" configuration module org.kde.konqueror: Unable to load the "Web Browsing" configuration module

Unfortunately, I can't find anything related to this error message.

I installed Konqueror using apt install konqueror, which installed version 5.0.97. I'm using Kubuntu 18.10 with Plasma 5.13.5.

Any idea how I can configure Konqueror? Why are those modals (almost) empty?


No configuration No extensions



The Konqueror package: https://packages.ubuntu.com/cosmic/konqueror

is suggesting package: konq-plugins - https://packages.ubuntu.com/cosmic/konq-plugins

plugins for Konqueror, the KDE file/web/document browser

Plugins will enable lot of options:

enter image description here enter image description here

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