So I have several games that I run in wine that are in the exe format, and to unlock "certain" content I need to run a patch that is also in an exe format. The patcher program allows me to find the file location, but there are two drives C and Z. I imagine C is a Windows directory, but it still has files that are on my computer. If I modify the files in that directory, will it modify the files on my computer? Either way, when running it on the file located on the Z drive which is where my home folder and all other Ubuntu data is located it doesn't seem to really do anything.

Is there some kind of permission system that would stop me from running a program in wine that would affect my Ubuntu files? And out of curiosity is the file structure offered in the C drive the files on my computer or just like a temporary place for all things wine related.

  • At least on my system there is a directory /home/[user]/.wine/dosdevices/c: that is like a fake C drive and has all the usual Windows folders in it. – Organic Marble Feb 19 at 16:19

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