I've a file in /var/ folder which is created by www-data application. Ownership and permission of the file is,

-rw-r--r--  1 www-data www-data   74214 Feb 18 17:00 sample.pdf

I tried to access this pdf by using non sudo user.

pdftk /var/myproj/www/sample.pdf

It gives me the error,

Unable to find file.
Error: Failed to open PDF file: 

For the sake, I've changed the permission to '777' and tried to access the same again.

-rwxrwxrwx  1 www-data www-data   74214 Feb 18 17:00 sample.pdf

This time also I'm getting the same error. I have changed that directory permission also to 777. But It gives me the same error why? My ubuntu version is '18.04'.

  • Unable to find file makes me think the file just isn't located where you expect it to be. Please edit your post and add the output of ls -ld /var /var/myproj /var/myproj/www /var/myproj/www/sample.pdf. – PerlDuck Feb 18 at 13:34

I believe you need to set the permission on that specific file. And I do not recommend setting those permission on a folder, it is very insecure

So it would be

chmod 777 /var/myproj/www/sample.pdf

There is also a chance you don't own the file, so

chown your-user /var/myproj/www/sample.pdf

Please note that certain application will automatically rechange permissions back to default, and sudo is usually needed to change file permissions.

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