I am trying to figure out a way to get a video stream from a Canon EOS 600D to my system, basically using the camera as a webcam. While Canon offers software called Canon EOS Utility for Windows and Mac, it seems they do not offer anything for Linux. Just connecting the system with micro USB only enables to access the photos and videos stored on the SD card.

Is there any way to use the Canon EOS 600D as a webcam?


Not easily. The two paths to this that people have used are:

  1. Use the included utility software which includes a live view window and run a software capture of what's in that window. This unfortunately probably won't work at all on Linux.

  2. Use the HDMI output of the camera and capture this with capture hardware.

I suspect that in both cases the live view video you'll get will be standard def and/or low quality and with limited ability to do any adjustments to things like frame rate, shutter speed/angle, etc. On some Canon cameras you may find that the HDMI output has controls on the display including a focusing rectangle which can't be disabled even in the minimal display mode.

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