There is a minimal Lubuntu, Mate, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and so on but no minimal Ubuntu Desktop installation

ubuntu 18.04 netboot/mini.iso

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    For your information - I have reported bug 1816288 about 18.04 LTS and 18.10. But upcoming 19.04 has Ubuntu minimal desktop in mini.iso (or in tasksel). – N0rbert Feb 17 at 10:39

For minimal install, you have to choose the normal install, and during installation it offers the choice of minimum install.

minimal installation option in ubuntu-18.04-desktop-amd64.iso

In fact, everything is installed first and in the end, it removes most of the things necessary to make Ubuntu run. For details, have a look at: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/02/ubuntu-18-04-minimal-install-option

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