I am trying to copy any files with the extension .pf to another box. is it possible to do this and keep the file path structure too?

I tried

scp -rp /*.pf user@ 

but it fails with *.pf: No such file or directory



You should use rsync instead of scp because it offers more options:

rsync -avm --include="*/" --include="*.pf" --exclude="*" / user@

Unfortunately, it is a bit complicated when it comes to rsync's include and exclude parameters. Please refer to this question over on Stack Overflow for details.

They say (for *.sh files instead of *.pf files):

So if we only want *.sh files we have to exclude all files --exclude="*", include all directories --include="*/" and include all *.sh files --include="*.sh".

To get a preview first, add the -n switch to the call. This will instruct rsync to only tell what it would do whithout actually doing it:

rsync -avm -n --include … 

Further reference:

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