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An ext4 formatted USB drive with data on it was made bootable USB drive by mistake. I want to recover the USB drive along with the data without formatting the USB drive. The USB drive is an external SSD.The size of the drive is 1TB.I used Start up Disk Creator vailable in Ubuntu to create the bootable external SSD from the iso image I had stored in my system.

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  • The act of making a USB attached drive bootable normally reformats the drive which would destroy the inodes which define where files and directories are on that drive. Please click edit above and tell us which app or tool you used to make the USB drive bootable, and exactly which steps were performed. Please also advise the size of the drive, and whether it is a flash drive (AKA 'thumbdrive'), external HDD, or external SSD. We must have this information to help further. Please do not respond with a Comment; instead, put that in the original question. – K7AAY Feb 14 at 17:19
  • How did you make it bootable? What tools did you use? If you used some of the tools that use dd under the hood, or used dd, you overwrote the first 2GB for drive. That data then is gone. And rest of data may be difficult to get back. – oldfred Feb 14 at 17:20
  • Hello karel, I used phorec to restore the data from the bootable external SSD.But I was not able to retain the file names and folder structure.Is there a way to retain the file names and folder structures after recovery? – Vijay Krishnan Feb 16 at 2:26