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I don't wanna update the whole version but only want to get the new look of ubuntu with being in the same version. Is that possible? And how to do that?

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  • It's too broad. There are many aspects of the theme (or look-&-feel), it depends on which part you want to modify. Also note that 16.04 uses Unity by default whereas 18.04 uses GNOME, many differences between the themes of these two versions may stem from this fact. – pomsky Feb 14 at 6:18
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    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS uses GTK+ 3.18 so it's Unity 7 or GNOME desktop expects that software stack. The GNOME version & stack required for the 18.04 desktop is 3.28 - so you'd be upgrading a ton of software (apps would need to match the GTK+ stack version in use) - upgrading to 18.04 LTS is your easiest option unless you're happy to use GNOME 3.18 supported by Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – guiverc Feb 14 at 6:30

The default desktop environment in Ubuntu 18.04 is GNOME 3

Install it using the command:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop

Now logout and choose GNOME as session.

  • Will that give the OP the new Yaru theme? I think not! – mikewhatever Feb 14 at 6:18
  • I understand that Yaru theme is the default in 18.10, and @Vicrobot asked for 18.04. He didn't specify that it is required. – Jrct Feb 14 at 6:22

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