In August 2018 I allowed the upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 take place on my computer. All appeared to work well until I logged out and tried to log back into my system. I poked around attempting to find answers to what I felt were reasonable questions. I ended up creating a Live CD for Ubuntu 18.04LTS Desktop for reinstalling the 18.04LTS system. I was following instructions found at the https://www.linuxtechi.com/ubuntu-18-04-lts-desktop-installation-guide-screenshots/ website. I reached Step 6 Selecting the appropriate installation type and drew a blank. The hard drive on which I had 16.04LTS installed is a password protected hard drive. When I booted the Live CD I was able to access the drive by entering the password and look at all my files. I could see the partitions to be Ext3/Ext4. However, when I chose Something Else at Step 6 of the Installation and I wanted to proceed without formatting since it was already formatted the Installation process could not see the partitions because the hard drive is password protected. There is no option given to enter the password and then allow the Installation to see the existing partitions. It simply believes there are no partitions. The only option the Installation gives is to repartition the already partitioned hard drive. If I select to partition the hard drive I will be asked to please enter the password (for the hard drive) and then it will proceed to overwrite the existing partitions. Even though I have backed up as much of the content using Live CD, I would rather not risk loosing all my files if that can be avoided.

How do I get the 18.04LTS Desktop Installation process to force the hard drive to be accessed (requiring the password) BEFORE partitioning is checked on my password protected hard drive?

  • What exactly do you mean by "password protected?" Is it possible that your system is encrypted? – user535733 Feb 14 at 3:41
  • When I purchased the hard drive and installed it in my system it required me to generate a password to access the drive. That was even before I installed an OS. The password protection is built into the hard drive itself. The hard drive cannot be accessed without it. – Doc Feb 15 at 0:36
  • Upon further review Ubuntu does see it as a 2 TB Encrypted drive. It is a Seagate ST2000DM001-1ER164. The encryption is built into the hard drive. I did not use any OS software to encrypt it. – Doc Feb 15 at 0:41
  • So, is my help request unreasonable? Is there anyone who can provide help with my request? Did I provide enough information for the Ubuntu team to provide an answer? Do I write this up as a bug? – Doc Mar 5 at 19:27
  • I don't see how this is an Ubuntu bug - you have hardware that seems to be working as intended. Consider seeking support from the hardware manufacturer - you paid them for the feature that you are trying to disable. – user535733 Mar 5 at 22:52

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