[ Re-install font Ubuntu 14.04 ]

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I have been using Ubuntu Linux for only almost a week and during that I've installed some Windows' non-unicode font like Calibri, Consolas or Segoe UI. But my mother language is Vietnamese and sometimes I have to views things in Vietnamese, but looking at words with font error makes me feel "uncomfortable".
For such Unicode character I encountered the "font error" thing
\U+1EAB or &#7851 ---> ẫ <Latin Small Letter A with Circumflex and Tilde> \U+1EDD or &#7901 ---> ờ <Latin Small Letter O with Horn and Grave>
So then I copied the version of those font which supports those Unicode characters from my friend's Windows 10 laptop in form of .ttf files (Since I unintendedly deleted my old Windows folder). But when I preview the fonts with "Fonts", it said that those font are already installed and the Install button is greyed/grayed out. After looking through the internet for about 10 min, I found out that my fonts are located in /usr/share/fonts/. I then open the folder as Admin, but some of the un-unicode fonts I said above have a key on it and I can't delete them using Del key. I've Googled for them but none of them are useful.
So, my questions are:

  1. Is there any way to re-install fonts?
  2. How to force delete font?

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