I have a drive from a Windows PC that wouldn't boot. TestDisk and other utilities didn't find any partitions on it. Both Windows and Linux OS's show the entire drive as unallocated space. I started running ddrescue on it with default options and after a day it was still in Copying Pass 5 (first stage) with less than 1MB of the drive read. It's showing no results, a pretty constant error rate of around 200 kB/s, and the read errors increase by 3 every tick of the clock. I tried a couple different options and the error rate went up exponentially. Tried reading in -R reverse and got exactly the same results. Now I'm simply running it with -d -D -n -N, and still seeing the same basic error rate and constant climbing read errors.

Is it safe to say the heads on this thing are shot and we're not getting anything off it?

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