I was trying to dual boot Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS alongside Windows 10 on my laptop.

I got the USB and followed the video and everything worked up to where I clicked Try Ubuntu without installing and when the desktop loaded I was not able to use my touchpad. A wireless mouse worked but I was not able to click.

Someone told me

You need to boot the installation media with an additional boot parameter nomodeset and also when booting the installed system until you install the Nvidia proprietary drivers.

I have no clue what the user means by any of this as I am very new to Ubuntu, can someone explain how to do these things and what it means? Thank you in advance.

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Booting with nomodeset

When booting press the Shift key, hit Esc to get out of language, Hit the F6 key, press Esc again. Now after --- type a space and nomodeset then hit Enter.

After installation, under System Settings, double-click Additional Drivers and Nvidia should be listed, try the latest one first.

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