I try to set up an Intel Compute Stick (Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop) for remote desktop control with teamviewer. I cannot use the built in vino or vnc. These are using tcp, which is to slow for my purpose. I need to transfer a camera live view of an astronomical capture software. teamviewer ist using udp, which is much faster. Since I plan to use the Compute Stick for observations in the field, I want to create a wlan hotspot in Ubuntu which I can connect to with my ipad and control the compute stick with teamviewer.

The problem: Without teamviewer the Ubuntu hotspot is working without any issue. The connection in stable an reasonably fast. When I install and launch teamviewer, it allows me one session. When I try out camera control, which requires high transfer rates for the live view, the session crashes and cannot be re-established. And, what is more inconvenient, I cannot re-connect to the Ubuntu Hotspot. Connections are refused with „invalid password“.

Turn hotsopt off and on doesn‘t help. Remove password doesn’t help. Setup a new connection as hot spot doesn’t help. Reboot doesn‘t help. Reinstall netmanager doesn‘t help. —-> After each try I finally reinstalled ubuntu.

Any ideas?

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