I cross compiled a program on linux for MacOS and now I want that MacOS binary to convert to DMG file for MacOS.

Is there a way to convert a MacOS binary on Linux (Ubuntu) into DMG file for MacOS?


There are several ways that this can be accomplished under Ubuntu and I describe here one technique that I have tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and also tested the resulting dmg file on a colleague's MacOS computer. Out of the several techniques that have been suggested online I believe this one is the better choice!

There are only a few relatively straightforward steps to follow:

  1. Install some applications: First you will need to install hfsprogs which is a port of Apple's Open Source tools for HFS+ filesystems:

    sudo apt-get install hfsprogs

    This will provide the necessary tool to work with Apple's HFS+ filesystem.

  2. Create the HFS+ file: Next you will create a 16MB dmg file and format it to HFS+ wih the following two command lines:

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/my_application.dmg bs=1M count=16 status=progress
    mkfs.hfsplus -v Install /tmp/my_application.dmg

    There are a few variables here which you should look at: you can alter the count=16 to reflect the size dmg file that you need and you can alter the volume label, given here as -v Install.

  3. Mount the file, copy your program: Now you can create a mount point, mount your dmg file there, copy your program files to the mounted dmg files and then unmount it all:

    mkdir -pv /mnt/tmp
    sudo mount -o loop /tmp/my_application.dmg /mnt/tmp
    sudo cp -av my_program /mnt/tmp
    sudo umount /mnt/tmp

    The variable to alter here is of course the actual name of your application in the cp command which I have given above simply as my_program.

Now your completed dmg file is sitting in /tmp/my_application.dmg ready for deployment and testing on MacOS!


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