Since the first installation of my system I modified various config files in /etc and I customised my system.

Copying the whole /etc for storage in a safe location before reinstalling/upgrading would slow down and potentially damage a new install, therefore how can I collect all and only the modified files?

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    Typically very hard to do properly. Looking at my own /etc I see plenty of files that are fairly recent and that I didn't change myself (likely due to automatic updates and a few recent installs). Not mentioning things that are links to files outside of /etc (like most /etc/systemd services). Personally I keep a shadow of /etc files I change (/etc/hosts, for instance), so they get backed up with my stuff when I do backups. I can also edit them with my favorite graphical editor and just sudo cp them when they are ready. – xenoid Feb 11 at 16:22
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    @xenoid That sounds like a decent solution - maybe not what OP is looking for, but still a solution. Could you post it as an answer? – wjandrea Feb 11 at 17:06
  • It looks like my question is answered partially in unix.stackexchange.com/questions/72746/… and in the links posted there -> there is no simple way to do what I asked – FarO Feb 11 at 17:22

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