I know that Adobe Acrobat Reader has useful feature for printing - it allows printing current view.
So if user opens some document and then selects some area, the viewer allows to print this area:

  1. start zooming with Marquee Zoom tool

    zoom start

  2. zoom the selection with mouse

    zoom end

  3. set print settings

    print settings

  4. get print out

    print out

    Note: PDF output is just an illustration, really I need result on real paper.

But I want to get the same result with free software.

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You can avoid Acrobat. The following can "Print Current View" and is free, but not OSS: PDF Studio, see https://www.qoppa.com/pdfstudio/download/


I know this question was asked a year and 2 months ago, but I just saw it, and I see it has never been answered.

So in case someone else wants a FREE tool to do the same thing, i.e. print a PDF at a zoomed setting to fill the page (like manuals for a product you own that are printed in tiny text in a little rectangle in the centre of an A4 page)..

Try Xreader.
It should be in your repo. I am using xreader 2.4.4 in Mint 19.9.

File > Print > General lets you choose which Printer, which Pages to print, Number of copies etc, From General tab, opening the page Setup tab lets you choose: Single or Two Sided printing (if you printer supports Duplex) and some other settings.

At the Bottom of the list is Scale. In most cases around 200% works well on those little manuals. To the RIGHT is a Preview button so you can see if you made the right scale (zoom) choice.

Hope this helps. RossD :-)

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