I want to prepend the file modification date in the form YYYY-MM-DD_ to each existing filename (i.e. for files only, not for directories). I have seen that krusader has a multiple file renaming function which in principle allows prepending or appending such information to the existing filename and it can do this for all selected files.

However, since I use it in a Xubuntu 16.04.3 installation with German settings, the file dates are also displayed as DD.MM.YYYY and when I use the renaming function of krusader it also renames them that way.

When I use [modificationdate;yyyy-MM-dd]_ in the part of the dialog specifying to prepend the filename on the second tab of the renaming dialog, it actually uses the modification date but in addition it prepends the current date in the German locale format, e.g.

09-02-20192019-01-04_old filename.jpg

This is complete nonsense, since one does such things to have files sorted by the date expressed in the filename!

How can I suppress the additional placement of today's date (in the example the first 10 characters 09-02-2019)?


Just use the first tab advanced mode (in German settings: "Fortgeschrittenen-Modus für Dateiname", strange usage of the German langugage!) of krename's dialog. Just enter


(this is case sensitive and the mixed lower- and upper case notation is really strange!)

krename's dialog to prepend an iso8601-formatted modification date separated from the original filename by an underscore character


  • "the mixed lower- and upper case notation is really strange" - Not so strange if you think about how minutes can be included in the format. – JimmyB Feb 17 at 16:15

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