That is for creating a video tutorial. I want the screen and my voice. I have tried many recorder, but that only record the screen and internal video.


A simple one is simplescreenrecorder which can be found in the 18.04 repo. Install it with

sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder

start it > Continue > choose size of screen to record > tick the box for audio. For Backend choose pulseaudio. For source choose built in audio analogue stereo which would record the mic instead of the internal audio > choose save location and the default codec parameters should be ok

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There is an application in the Official Ubuntu Software Repository callled Kazam, which works great. It will record internal sound, external sound, and the screen. It has pretty good video quality, as well. It can be installed with:

$ sudo apt-get install kazam

There are many many applications with which you can do that, The best one that I've used obs, You can install it by

sudo apt install obs-studio

As previously suggested you can also use kazam

sudo apt install kazam

Or if you don't want to install any application, you can use the already available ffmpeg command, the following should work for you:

ffmpeg -f x11grab -s "Your screen resolution" -i :0.0 -f alsa -i default output.mkv

For the last one, I am assuming you're using alsa!

  • I was going to mention OBSProject - I wasn't aware it is in the repositories, though! – Charles Green Feb 9 '19 at 22:06

You can use recordMyDesktop. It has the option to capture audio from your microphone. To install it run the following command in Terminal

sudo apt install gtk-recordmydesktop

Open recordMyDesktop and just check the box next to 'Sound Quality' before starting recording.

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