I'm trying to set up a bridge over a bond for LXD using netplan.
This is my current configuration:

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
      match: {name: "eno[1-2]"}
      dhcp4: true
      wakeonlan: true
      match: {name: "eno[3-4]"}
      interfaces: [switchports]
      dhcp4: true
        mode: 802.3ad
      interfaces: [bond0]
      dhcp4: true

As you can see it's pretty straighforward.
However, after applying this configuration, the IP address assigned to bond0 disappeared and no IP is being assigned to LXD containers (which use br0) or the bridge interface itself.
Could someone please explain what's happening?


You appear to have dhcp4: true set on both the bond, and the bridge which includes the bond. You should likely only be running dhcp on the bridge.

  • I did notice that it didn't have any impact removing dhcp4: true from the bond. Why is it though? Does the bridge override the bonded interface? – devster Feb 11 at 20:00
  • If you specify to run dhcp on both the bond and the bridge, the best case is probably that you get a race condition as networkd tries to run it on both. So you removed dhcp4: true from the bond, and it still doesn't work? – slangasek 2 days ago
  • Correct, now dhcp4 is explicitly false but networkctl reports the bridged interface (indefinitely) as configuring and degraded. With a reboot things work on the server side, but a reboot of the switch or the router breaks everything once more. – devster 2 days ago

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