I'm hosting a LimeSurvey server using a Ubuntu VM. After some time I needed to add another partition adding 50GB to an existing LVM group. After adding the partition, the structure looked like this:

sda                                          100G
├─sda1                         ext2          243M /boot
├─sda2                                         1K
├─sda3                         LVM2_member    50G
│ └─limesurvey--vg-root (dm-0) ext4         99.8G /
└─sda5                         LVM2_member  49.8G
  └─limesurvey--vg-root (dm-0) ext4         99.8G

sda3 is the new added partition. Everything worked fine until I restarted the VM after three months of usage:

Gave up waiting for root device
ALERT! /dev/mapper/limesurvey--vg-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

So it doesn't boot to Ubuntu but stays in initramfs. I can't use any backup for booting except the ones before the partitioning.

This is how I did the partitioning:



Because of adding the partition the swap partition was removed, so I added an additional swap file using these instructions:

  1. Create a swap partition.

  2. Create an empty file (1K * 4M = 4 GB).

    sudo mkdir -v /var/cache/swap  
    cd /var/cache/swap  
    sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile bs=1K count=4M  
    sudo chmod 600 swapfile  
  3. Convert newly created file into a swap space file.

    sudo mkswap swapfile  
  4. Enable file for paging and swapping.

    sudo swapon swapfile
  5. Verify by: swapon -s or top .

    top -bn1 | grep -i swap  
  6. To disable, run sudo swapoff swapfile .

  7. Add it into fstab file to make it persistent on the next system boot.

    echo "/var/cache/swap/swapfile none swap sw 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab  
  8. Retest swap file on startup.

    sudo swapoff swapfile   
    sudo swapon -va    

Could anyone shed some light why the partition broke down after restarting my VM, when it worked perfectly for 3 months before that?

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