Hello I´m new in the forum so this ist my first question :) I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my new Zenbook ux433fn with used to have a new fancy illuminated numpad in the touchpad. Like I expected it doesn´t work with Ubuntu and I wounder if it is possible to add the functionality?

  • Does no one has an idea? – G-Unit Feb 11 at 10:11
  • Would be also interested. I am considering buying ux433fn, but would not like to see that such feature is not yet supported. As an off-topic can I ask you if all other features are working fine on Ubuntu ? – Jurosh Mar 3 at 20:41
  • The only things I have noticed are a pretty high battety drain in sleep Mode and that the Fn-lock (fn +Esc) ist not working. First issue can be solved by setting up suspend Mode when lid is closing. But I was unable to get the fn-lock working. – G-Unit Mar 4 at 21:10
  • Any solution? I'm having the same problem. – Carlos Higa Mar 13 at 17:31
  • You might push for this bug to be resolved. Other than that, I would not expect this feature to work: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1810183 – arkhi Apr 4 at 11:51

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