I have a Logitech C310 USB webcam with a mic that records in mono @16000Hz. My computer's built-in soundcard / line in input records @44100Hz. /etc/pulse/daemon.conf uses the default-sample-rate of 44100.

I don't currently use the built-in soundcard for anything, and rely on the webcam mic for voice chats. At the current default sample rate, everything comes in sped up and high-pitched, like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Changing the pulse config file to use a sample rate of 16000 fixes it, which is great, but I'd rather not have to remember that I manually changed a config file somewhere if/when I want to use the built-in soundcard for recording in the future.

Is there any way to configure PulseAudio to switch sample rates automatically based on the currently selected input device?

Thanks in advance.

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