I have a Windows 10 guest running under a Ubuntu 18.04 host with Virt-Manager and KVM. It has NAT connectivity because the host is connected through wi-fi, so I can't access my NAS to share files between guest and host.

I also have installed the Spice Windows Guest Tools, but I can drag-drop only small files like text documents or images and not an entire folder. I tried to share a folder from the host adding a filesystem as squash, but the guest is unable to see it.

How can I share big files between the host and the virtual machine?

Thanks in advance for answers.

  • Install ssh server on guest or host, then use filezilla. – Gravemind Feb 7 at 12:15
  • @Gravemind guest is under NAT. – cialu Feb 7 at 12:49
  • My guess is that your host has 192.168.122.xxx IP. So your guest should also have IP from that subnet. You should try 'arp -a' or check network interface settings on Windows to see the IP. – Gravemind Feb 7 at 13:34
  • 192.168.122.xxx is guest IP under KVM NAT. Host IP depends on router and LAN, it could be anything like 192.168.yyy.xxx. – cialu Feb 7 at 14:02
  • actually it depends on your communication. Be default KVM creates virbr0 interface on your Linux host which has IP. So if you want to connect to host from guest you can do ssh login@ (of course it works only if you have ssh server seted up on Host) – Gravemind Feb 7 at 14:16

I solved installing the SMB networking protocol with Samba on the host Ubuntu machine.

On the Win10 guest machine, I created a 'Public' folder with the appropriate permissions and shared it on the network with the following network path: \\<vm-guest-name>\Public.

On the Ubuntu Linux host machine, I used the 'Connect to server' function and set the following address as a reference: smb://<IP-address-vm-guest>/Public. In my case, the address was

In the end, I saved the address with the SMB protocol as a bookmark on Nautilus. Now, with a simple click, I can access the shared folder between the host and the virtual machine, and move files of any size.

  • The opposite should also work. Share the Public folder in your Ubuntu home using SMB and open it in Windows guest. – user68186 May 28 at 22:39

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