I have a Logitech M510 and I cant use the scroll button, and I cant find the software for it. I have already gone to the web site to look for software for for Ubuntu.

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    Mouse is working for other system or operating system? – Puneet Dixit Feb 7 at 3:06

If you use dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu (or have access to another Windows machine), install the Logitech Windows software for the Unifying Receiver, and their Mouse software. Any settings that you make in Windows will be remembered in Ubuntu. Here's the download link...


If you don't have Windows, install Solaar in Ubuntu, and it'll give you ways to pair the Logitech mouse/keyboard, and many times, control some of the additional features of your mouse/keyboard.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install solaar solaar-gnome3

  • Im new to Ubuntu so are those commands to download Solaar? – Looks_for_knowledge Feb 8 at 23:46
  • My computer is dual boot and i had downloaded the software on windows. – Looks_for_knowledge Feb 8 at 23:58
  • @Looks_for_knowledge The first link is for the Windows software. The two commands are for Ubuntu, and they'll install Solaar for you. The RED Solaar is a link to their web page for more info. – heynnema Feb 9 at 0:26
  • @Looks_for_knowledge please note my minor change to the last command to install Solaar. – heynnema Feb 9 at 0:35

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