The Lexmark E210 support site provides the printer driver for RedHat Linux systems, however, I think that is not for Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu.

Lexmark E210 drivers selection

What files and steps are needed to drive the Lexmark E210? If you have had success, please indicate this in your response and the version of Ubuntu or Lubuntu.

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    The Lexmark support site does provide the printer driver for Debian-based distributions, but buried deep inside the web pages. Have you visited the "Manuals" tab? They do have the procedures for Debian; go to Manuals > Technical Guides > Printer Drivers for UNIX & Linux Systems, jump to this section "Installing on Linspire or Debian Linux". Then search for the mentioned package. Not sure if this is considered a valid answer or not, since I can never test this myself.
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    Sep 24 '19 at 15:48

On the link, you provided you found a tar.gz file which contains ghostscript rpms, and a ppd file. You dont need the rpms, cause ghostscript is standard package in most distributions, ubuntu too. So first install ghostscript, (if it is not there already, and probably does), on the standard way apt install ghostscript. After that use the downloaded ppd to install the printer.

In Lubuntu You may install it by opening localhost:631 in a web browser. If you have the default flavour, you can use the gnome-control-center „Devices/Printers/Add a printer” button. Just follow the instructions and select the mentioned Lexmark-E210-gdi.ppd when needed.


Printing Success from 16.04 + Lexmark E210



sudo lpinfo -v | grep -i usb

returned: direct usb://Lexmark/E210:
the URI is usb://Lexmark/E210


  1. System Settings => Printers => +Add button

enter image description here

  1. Select Device by fill in the URI:

enter image description here

  1. Input .ppd driver file location and follow menus to print test page.

The process was performed on a Raspbian NextCloudPi server: the printer accepts CUPS jobs sent through the LAN.


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