I have a Windows 10 Host Machine, I have installed Ubuntu Server 18.04 on VirtualBox - During the installation I selected Bridged Adapter when setting up the Guest OS as shown below:

Bridged Adapter Selected

After that while installing Ubuntu Server, I come up to the following screen:

Network Connections Screen

I have attempted to change the settings multiple times, but am not sure as it gives an error "Network configuration timed out"

I changed the settings from Bridged Adapter to NAT, it works but my host computer cannot communicate with the guest OS, but Guest OS communicates with the host PC - i.e. When I ping to the Host Computer (IP obtained from cmd) it connects, but when I ping from my Host Computer it does not connect.

Any help would be appreciated - Basically I want both machines to communicate with each other as I want an application testing to be done it.

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