I just newbie on linux. I have one ubuntu server that has been running almost 1 months. but today seem like my server restoring same as the first day I have installed. tasy to see last login on server with command $last the last command is today. how I can get full login and bash history to see my server activity. thanks

*sorry my english is not good

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    Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. history will display your BASH history (I only use BASH so i'm not sure if it's the same if you use other shells). By default it doesn't record date/times unless you configured it to, and depending on release [of Ubuntu], if you are logged in locally not all commands will be recorded (I love this feature, but it too can be disabled; commands executed remotely are always recorded). You didn't specify your release so it may vary on your release, or if you altered your default/configs. – guiverc Feb 6 at 4:48

Read man last and do something like

last --fulltimes --hostlast  --dns --limit 999

As an aside, you should consider installing the man pages for your language.

Select from the results of

apt-cache search manpages
apt-cache search language

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