I want to use Dvorak for English and Qwerty for Chinese/Japanese. I can get Japanese input to work but it's still under the Dvorak layout. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Which input methods are you using for Chinese respective Japanese? – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Feb 6 at 7:02

To assign different keyboard layouts on each language.

enter image description here

System settings > Text Entry, select your IME (this example Mozc), click on the screwdriver and wrench icon.

enter image description here

On the Input Method Configuration window, select Chinese/Japanese with the Input Method Engine, and click on the Gear/Wrench icon below (red marker), please.

Mozc keyboard layout

selecting layout

If this item is "Input Method Default" (your system default) or "Dvorak" then you get Dvorak layout.

Scroll and select "English US" then you get the QWERTY layout for Chinese/Japanese IME individually.

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