While reading pdf in Ubuntu Firefox browser, scrollbar is not visible. Since it is not visible, it is difficult to scroll from current location. If I try to click invisible scrollbar, current reading location is lost.

1) Default behavior: Scroll bar is not visible. (even when mouse hovers over scrollbar) enter image description here

2) Click on invisible scrollbar. It appears where we click. Previous reading location is lost. enter image description here

3) Switch to other window. Scrollbar appears !!! enter image description here

Anyway I can use document viewer for reading pdf. However I read some online pdfs temporarily without storing them. Please let me know if this trivial point can be avoided.

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    I'm pretty sure that this is Firefox issue, and you should report bug to Mozilla. – Gravemind Feb 5 at 16:31

This issue seems to be fixed by Firefox 67.0.4 in Ubuntu 19.04. It was probably an issue on the Yaru theme on Ubuntu 18.10.

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