I try to speed up my machine. But now it's not working. I want to remove lubuntu & getting previous one. I tried lots of answers. But it not working.

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    Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. It may be helpful to clarify your question. What was your previous 'one'? Lubuntu switched from LXDE (18.04 LTS & before) to LXQt in 18.10, which was a huge change (with loads of software changed from GTK+ to Qt based; for speed & to save resources the changes are necessary; you'll lose a lot of it if you continue using GTK+ apps, but if you have the resources it's still perfectly possible you'll just use more memory & cpu-cycles [ie. slower]) - but what you problem is unclear. – guiverc Feb 5 at 7:31
  • Ubuntu 18.10 cosmic version – chamila Feb 5 at 7:36
  • When I'm m typing sudo apt-get update --fix-missing.i get a some index files fail to download. I try edit these file using sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list. but it's not working. When I'm ping google.com, i get temporary failure in name resolution. I did these all activities on recovery mode root – chamila Feb 5 at 7:44
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    Have you enabled networking in the recovery mode? Please edit your question to reflect all the details you posted in comments. It helps to keep our Q&A style tidy and could also bring more attention since an edited question gets bounced on the homepage. See also How do comments work? – Melebius Feb 5 at 7:49
  • I enable network in in recovery mode – chamila Feb 5 at 8:16

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